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Cover Wars!

Friday, June 03, 2011Aaron Reese

 Here's some upcoming MW mags to look forward to.


V-Man issue # 22 (The summer issue) features "I am number four"s Alex Pettyfer as the cover model. V-man is by far my favorite mens magazine pushing the envelop every way possible in menswear and creative editorial direction. There's also a kickass sneak peak at the upcoming fall 2011 menswear. 

Alexander Skarsgard covers the June 2011 issue of GQ. GQ will always a remain a favorite of mine in the men's editorial industry. A solidified how to guide for the already well groomed gentlemen GQ continues to offer amazing tips, and simple yet sophisticated ways of elevating one's wardrobe. In this issue GQ covers the summer basics including 10 fabulous ways to wear a summer suit. If its one thing GQ's good at is kicking out a bad ass manifesto for its loyal readers to follow.

I wouldn't call Details magazine a subscribers must have to menswear however there are some issues that are dire to every fashionisto's library not to mention the celeb dish is pretty awesome. Here we have Ryan Reynolds as the cover model for the June 2011 issue. The star talks about his upcoming summer blockbuster The Green Lantern and shows us how to pull off that effortless look we all love.

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