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X-Men of Fashion: 60's fashionistos

Tuesday, June 14, 2011Aaron Reese

I'd like to formally introduce you guys to the nerd side of Ralphnerd. I'm just as passionate about comic lore as I am about fashion if not more, so one could imagine how thrilled I was to see X-Men First Class last week. One of my favorite elements about this movie (besides the thrilling action sequences and awesome cameos) was the wardrobe/styling done by Sammy Sheldon. The sixties era happens to be one of my favorite decades in mens fashion. It was here we saw the birth of the skinny tie and European influences in menswear. The cuts are ultimately slimmer and and more refined. George Peppard in "Breakfast at Tiffany's" is a prime example of sixties menswear.

In the movie several decades are shown but none is as a prominent  as the sixties given that the main plot centers around the Cuban Missile Crisis. Erik Lensher also known as Magneto later in the film showcases a series of chic menswear like his killer body hugging bodysuit. He's the definition of GQ in this movie. His bravado supports his styling. Ankle boots, leather jackets, turtle necks, and slim chino's were break through articles in this era and he sports them effortlessly. Inspired by Sean Connery's early 007 Sheldon states that Magneto along with Emma Frost were her favorite to style.

 Beast played by Nicholas Hault Beast displays a series of youthful collegic prep looks that supports his somewhat meek and naive character. Checkered shirts, solid color v-necks, and slim ties seems to be his milestones. They're all staples we can add to our current wardrobes. One thing that was a must for beast was for his clothes to completely conceal his mutation. All of his pieces are considered stodgy, prep, and flexible. 

Riptide played by Alex Gonzalez gives the viewers a bit of Miami Vice fashion. Flashy  and bold statement suits were pretty much his characters closet. Color in men's suits was explored in the early 50's. I'd have to say Alex looks incredible.

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  1. I love that purple suit on Riptide. I also love a good ankle boot.

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