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5 Designer Bags Worth Drooling Over

Thursday, July 07, 2011Aaron Reese

Bags can be tricky, especially when we're referencing "man bags".  The taboo associated with them seems to have plagued the world of men accessories. I'm one to believe that both trendy and classic men should enjoy the luxury of a designer bag. Style is not restrained to just one demographic. So I thought it'd be fun to show you guys my top 5 picks for designer bags that's drool worthy for every man!

5.  Ralph Lauren Purple Label Alligator Weekend Bag- Definitely a Ralphnerd pick, this bag is the ultimate jet setter's companion. Removable shoulder straps, all metal D rings and zippers, multiple internal pockets, and a complimentary padlock are just some of the highlights of this head turner. Now one may wonder why a Ralph bag so divine ranked #5 on my list; its quite simple. The Purple Label exclusive retails at a whomping $24,000. As much as I'm in love with this bag, I can't say that I agree with it's price. All in all it's a beauty and definitely worth mentioning in my top 5.

4. Burberry London Canvas Tote- Anyone who knows the Ralphnerd knows I'm OBSESSED with tote bags. They're relatively simple, lightweight and chic. The Burberry number showcased below is a new fall piece. (Thanks Mr. Porter for the heads up!) The leather, the canvas, and that delicious olive color gives it a timeless appeal that any stylish gentleman can enjoy. It makes for a great day bag, why not take advantage of the utilitarian nature of the tote eh? Retailing at $650, I'd have to have to say he may be flying of the shelves come this fall.

3. Want Les Essentiels De La Vie- Quite a mouthful to say right? Conceived out of a "want" for premium leather goods Les Essentiels has been quite rocketeer in the world of leather accessories. With a plethora of bags for every kind of man whether he be simplistic or chic Les Essentials is becoming the MW's new Alexander Wang in the accessories world. These lovelies retail at various price points starting at $269.My favorite bag, the " O'hare" is featured below(and retails for $740) in all it's cognac colored, leather glory.

2.Bottega Veneta Intreciatto Leather Bag- I've gotta say, there's nothing more immaculate than a woven designed leather messenger bag. Subtle but exquisite this little guy makes a major pop to both your fall and spring wardrobes.Retailing for $1880 there's no wonder he's made #2 on the list.   

1.YSL Weekend Bag- I'm officially obsessed with this bag. It's definitely the male equivalent of the YSL "Muse" bag.  The classic Y stitched on the side, that dreamy nude color, and a plethora of hidden pockets and compartments makes this bag one of the most sought after.  Solid leather exterior and an interior lined of cotton this monsieur is every fashionisto's dream.  It retails for $2295, but I must say it's definitely worth it.

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