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Joe Jonas for Mr. Porter

Tuesday, August 02, 2011Aaron Reese

All my personal biases aside, Joe Jonas is proving to be quite the young Hollywood fashionisto. Featured in Mr. Porter's online Mag The Journal ,Jonas talks about his higher fashion conscious, exes (the root of his new single "See No More") the thrill of his solo tour, and his new found obsession with shoes. Overall it's a great read with impeccable styling (Thanks to Mr. Porter).

 The middle aged Jonas has the potential to become one of GQ's rising young style icons. Spotted at  Prince William's U.S. polo tournament, and in the company of Marc Jacobs model Karlie Kloss Joe is slowly but surely making his way to the ranks of young stylish men such as Shia Lebeouf, Ryan Reynolds, Jude Law, and Ryan Gosling. I think we can all agree on how much  a rarity it is seeing a 21 year old climb up the esteemed fashion ladder at such a rapid pace. Although younger brother Nick Jonas covered V-Man magazine's spring 2011 issue for a James Dean inspired shoot. I'll have to admit, I'm looking forward on Joe's debut cover to a print magazine.

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