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Roaring Fashionisto's! (Stylish Leo Males)

Wednesday, August 17, 2011Aaron Reese

I usually try to keep my biases of my sign (the ever incredible Leo) off The Ralphnerd, but it dawned on me days ago that there's quite a bit of fashionistos born under the magnanimous star of Leo. So here's a tribute to them all and some of their best looks.

Mick Jagger - (July 26) The powerhouse lead vocalist for the Rolling Stone is pure leo flair! His iconic style has molded mens fashion looks through the ages bringing more of a liberal and energetic look to menswear. Tight jeans, studded blazers, and a dash of sex and rock and roll is the makeup to an ultimate fashionisto.

Danielle Radcliffe- (July 23) One could only imagine how overbearing it can become to carry an entire franchise on your shoulders. His not so stylish screen alter ego Harry Potter has dominated box offices since early 2001. Yet it seems"The boy who lived" has groomed himself quite nicely throughout the years. Take a peek below for his best looks.

Brad Goreski- (Aug. 15th) One of my favorite style icons it's no surprise that the prior right hand man to Ms. Zoe (Style icon and Bravo personality) has made his way on my list. Mr. Goreski has exhibited some pretty exquisite burst of menswear bravado  . Being an avid lover of Italian sportswear chain Dsquared, Brad tears it up on and off the red carpet.

Joe Jonas - (Aug. 15th) Last but certainty not least Sir Jonas has been topping the list of the male fashion elite lately. Sharing the same birthday as Brad, Joe has proven himself worthy of the fashionisto title with his Details magazine cover, and his debut for Mr. Porter's "The Journal" the online retailers official magazine.  No longer 1/3 of the Jonas Brothers trio, Joe has managed to keep a pretty awesome style rapport. Check out some of his looks below.   

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