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September Cover Wars : Epic Fail?

Tuesday, August 23, 2011Aaron Reese

September issues as many of you may know are the paramount of editorial bliss. A preview of the glorious F/W trends to come, they bring a little ray of hope to what can be seen as a bleak and dismal season to some. Menswear mags typically amp up the anti for our favorites issues, but it seems this season the cover stars for menswear mag giants such as GQ and Details were a big flop.

1. GQ- Mark Sanchez (Who?!) covers Gentleman's Quarterly's September issue. I can't say that I'm at all enthused by the cover star. Typically a cover star has some sort of fashion/pop culture influence, credibility, and/or fame.  Apparently being a Quarterback for the Jets holds some prestige in the world of men's sportswear. In addition to an uninspiring cover star, GQ accompanies the cover star with weak styling. Point blank the highlights of this issue were the ads and tutorials. And while on the subject of tutorials, James Marsden shows us how to rock a tweed suit for the fall. The spread's pretty spectacular.

2. Details- Ashton Kutcher (a more familiar face) covers the September issue of Details. The Two and a Half Men star spills about his new found love of technology and his ten commandments of style. There may be some logic to Ashton's cover considering the September issue of Details is dedicated to social media instead of fall fashion. The styling once again here is weak, and Ashton's style commandments were underwhelming.  On a positive note, the social media issue has some great spreads and tutorials. Check out the fall color spread. It definitely inspired the vision of my new fall wardrobe.

 3. V-Man- V-Man definitely came to the rescue! A high fashion whimsy powered editorial monster, V-Man brought to life some of the best trends this season through eclectic, high octane photo shoots. My personal fav has to be the spread named the Evangelist. Winners Matthew Tenny, and Clark Cord of the V-Man annual model search covered the F/W issue. The Archetypes issue focuses on the power of menswear trends for the upcoming season. An overall great read and a redeeming menswear mag for the month of September!

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