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Hollywood's New Golden Boy

Friday, September 16, 2011Aaron Reese

When it comes to influential figures in the menswear industry, they tend to be few, far, and in between. Rarely are there men present and masculine enough to influence the masses. However I've noticed several in Hollywood at the moment but none tops Mr. Ryan Gosling. Suave, debonaire, charming, and incredibly stylish in every film he's starred in Ryan has relentlessly conquered the hearts of both men and women alike. I think it dawned on me when a male client of mine asked for his look in his summer love flick Crazy Stupid Love (awesome movie btw!). A rising fashionisto, Ryan kicked of Mr.Porter's Online September issue of their mag the Journal. Today debuts his new film Drive, an apparently high octane action flick that still maintains Mr. Gosling's infamous cool. Check out the trailer below and some of Ryan's best looks on and off the red carpet.  

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