Drive Ryan Gosling

A Jacket fit for a Driver

Wednesday, October 19, 2011Aaron Reese

I'm not one for obsessing over novelty film pieces but this one's just beautiful. Ryan sports this little number in his high octane film Drive. By far one of the most bad ass articles of clothing in film history retailer Steady Clothing replicates the scorpion embellished beauty and  distributes it to the public in early November for $159.99. I'm quite enthused, and I'm sure you know that it'll be on the back of yours truly in no time. You can order the jacket Here.

The costume director of the film Erin Benoch, states that the jacket was inspired by Korean souvenir jackets from the fifties. Tailored by Richard Lim of High Society the satin number was a culmination of  men's jacket styles. The signature "Drive" jacket is just one of the few components that made this film a must see.

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