colorblocking Hunter Rainboots

Ralphnerd Recommends : A red rememdy for a rainy day

Wednesday, October 19, 2011Aaron Reese

There's nothing more refreshing than a burst of color on a dull and gloomy day (like today in Chicago). Why not give your look a festive pop with a strong, stark, color? Color blocking happens to be one of my favorite trends. I'm constantly finding ways to manipulate it into giving me diverse and unique looks. Today I wore my fire-engine red Hunter ankle boots for the first time.

I paired them with a simple combo of medium washed Joe's jeans, a light blue Burberry pullover, and navy H&M Trench. The pairing itself is rather classic, but the rain boots bring a bold punch to what some would consider a pretty basic concept. The boots are just an example of the value of a good staple piece, for days like today when you'd rather not dress the nines but still look the part.

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