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Ralphnerd Recommends: Color Conscious

Monday, November 14, 2011Aaron Reese

Being that I'm a Chicagoan and a rather stylish one at that I feel it's my obligation to enlighten fellow Chicagoan males on the rules of style. We were named the fourth worst dressed city by GQ. Now while many of you may cringe at the thought I can't fault them for such an acquisition. I've seen unspeakable horrors on the night scene of the Chi.

Color! We love it. We need it, yet most men are unfortunately color blind or afraid to implement color. A modern man should always look at ways to elevate his closet so that his progression parallels with that of the menswear world. Color blocking may be one of the biggest trends to date especially for men. The best way to do this with ease is to work in an opposing color pallet. Sounds odd right?
Not really. A hot color like orange can look amazing if paired with the right hue of cool like a blue or maroon. This is where the BLOCK in color blocking comes in. You're cutting off the aura of this bright color with one just as strong.

For a simple attempt at color blocking try something like this Hermes S/S 2012 runway recap. A stark color such as black, grey, or brown on the bottom and a bold fluorescent color such as yellow, or pink on the top.

Now if the image above is still a bit much for what you want to achieve I'd try staying within a neutral zone for color coordination. Similar hues such as greys, taupes, and fellow earth tones can compliment each other well.

Another runway recap from Hermes but different season (fall 2011) shows us a solid taupe color pallet. It's simple, sophisticated, and chic. Try one of these colorizing techniques with your wardrobe. I'm sure the results will make all the difference.

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