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GQ Presents: Men (and women) of the Year

Friday, December 02, 2011Aaron Reese

GQ' s Men of the Year issue is by far the best issue that the menswear titan cranks out.  An annual narration of the highs and lows of the menswear world as well as the men (and women) who've influenced it, the issue ends our year with a bang. With a group of four rising cover stars/archetypes every December it's hard not to love an issue so epic


The Breakout: Michael Fassbender- Michael's been around for quite some time but it hasn't been until his recent cinema developments that he's received critical acclaim.  You may have spotted him in the Spartan gore fest "300", or Tarantino's "Inglorious Bastards", but perhaps you best know him for his brilliant performance as the mutant villain Magneto in this summer's blockbuster "X-men First Class". The German native seems to be making a name for himself in Hollywood and on GQ's best dressed list.


The King: Jay-Z- With a name like Hov how could one not properly address him as king of the rap world. Now touring with Kanye for the Watch the Throne tour Jay-Z's solidified his title as rap king. Yet despite his throne in the rap world Hov's managed to impress the editors of several menswear mags with his modern take on style. It's rare to find a lyricist gifted enough to insert Maison Martin Margiela into his rhymes.


The Knockout: Mila Kunis- It seems her and fellow Friends w/ Benefits co-star Justin Timberlake made this year's Men of the Year issue. Now it wouldn't be a proper Men of the Year issue without a bombshell accompanying the lot. From Black Swan to Friends w/ Benefits Mila has been a busy girl in Hollywood and, clearly the guys have taken notice. The face of Hollywood's latest it girls have been girls that can hang with the fellas and Mila makes no exception.


Showmen- Justin Timberlake & Jimmy Fallon- How could we forget the funny men? GQ celebrates style, flair, and charm attributes that every gentlemen should possess and there's no exception with these two. With Justin headlining three movies this year and Jimmy taking over late night night television there seems to be no stopping the dynamic duo!

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