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Ralphnerd Recommends : Amping up the layers

Thursday, January 19, 2012Aaron Reese

Chicago is not for the faint of heart. The 15 degree cold, fierce winds, and stealthy black ice are just the start to this gloomy winter. And while it's easy to grab the drabbest down parka and slouchy cargoes, it's the winter that shows us who the true fashion obsessed are. It's obvious that in conditions so harsh that layers upon layers are vital but, there's a way to do this without loosing your sense of style. Check out my layout below for my Chicago winter look. I'll walk you through my pairing process.

So above we have quite a few things pictured so lets start with the basics. To be honest I'm a T-shirt and jeans kind of guy and here it's no different. The core of my look started with my Marc by Marc Jacobs skinnys and, my Dolce & Gabanna James Dean graphic T. If I want an easy, relaxed, look this is the go to uniform. Yet this uniform won't due for a Chicago winter chill. So lets double up the layers! Above you'll see I threw in my Rag & Bone plaid button down and, H&M toggle cardigan. With proper underpinnings  the look makes for a solid winter uniform.

The colors are a complimentary fall color pallet of golds, burgundy and, navy. Color is subjective but the color spectrum should be cohesive.  Now accessories are the catalyst here. Check out my Ralph Lauren Rugby scarf, that awesome yellow knit beanie that I got from Urban Outfitters, my vintage tortoise frames and, my YSL tote to top it all off. 

And how could I forget my vintage company boots? A good solid leather boot is imperative to brave a Chicago winter. I'm usually a sucker for a brown boot but the black is classic and wears 8xs better in my opinion. With my handy iPad and plethora of magazines (shown in the first picture) I'm more than prepared to take on the Windy City. Stay warm out there guys and, most importantly stay stylish.

Best Regards,

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