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Bastian delivers at NYC Fashionweek

Wednesday, February 15, 2012Aaron Reese

My current obsession (menswear designer wise) has to be Michael Bastian. He's revolutionized American menswear in the same right that Ralph Lauren, Calvin. and Hilfiger did. Taking our favorite classics and revamping them with modern finishes. As many of you may know NYC Fashion week began February 9th and, while womens wear have been getting major press I'm sad to say there wasn't an American menswear line that inspired me like Bastian's. He showed his fall 2012 collection yesterday and yours truly was suffering from anxiety until very moment of the debut. The theme of this fall's collection was the "Extra Man". A man that Bastian describes to be "charming, well dressed, educated, and single. These are guys who have always been there, who fill the gap, who want to keep the ball in the air, and who you actually want to talk to at a party They're topical, smart, and can tell a dirty joke.....They are the social Olympians." In short terms there men were escorts. Throw in the sexy veteran model Tyson Beckford and, Bastian's very own adorable french bulldog on the runway and you've got a pretty spectacular show. Now I'm wondering if you can figure out which piece below I'm salivating after? Hint, it's a sweater! 

                                                        Photo Credits: Style.com

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