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How about a Game of Thrones shot?

Wednesday, February 15, 2012Aaron Reese

Game of Thrones has practically consumed my life since I watched the series last year on HBO. I have the books (just the first four) in hardcover form, the digital collection on my iPad that i diligently read every night, the awesome theme song ringtone for my iPhone, and now thanks to my fantastic bestie a house shot glass duo! If you haven't heard about the groundbreaking fantasy series on HBO you've clearly been hiding under a rock for the last year. And while myself and other fans anxiously await the season 2 premiere on April 1rst the show's popularity has gained momentum inspiring viewers old and new to read the books and dive deeper into the world of Westeros.

The shot glasses come imprinted with the sigils of three key houses in the fight for the Iron Throne. Being the overly perceptive friend that she is, my bff bought my two favorites the House of Lannister (the golden lion), and the House of Targaryen (the three headed dragon).  

Cheers to the Lannisters- Remember the cruel blonde cheerleader and ruthless golden boy jock in high school? Well this is probably the best way to describe the Lannisters. The word wealthy is a comical understatement for the family. They're cynical, cunning, and most importantly powerful. It's the Lannister house that holds Iron throne at the beginning of season two. With their mantra being, "Hear Me Roar!" it should be no surprise that they're my favorite Game of Thrones house. I'm sure there's a fellow nerd out there reading this wishing me an instant death by stones, but hey someone's gotta show the villains some love.

A shot for the Targaryens- If we're going to stick with the high school cliche's here then the Targaryens in my opinion would be your standard outcast crowd. At times otherworldly, we're typically intrigued by them, and maybe at times resent them for being so unique. A bloodline so unique that siblings were wedded to keep the line pure. They're definitely not a fan favorite but you fear them and, in an age when Dragons were the living embodiment of power  the Targaryen bloodline wasted no time in taking what they felt was birth right through, "Fire and Blood" the house's mantra.  Westeros eventually rebelled against the Targaryens killing off the entire bloodline and now one princess remains. We'll be rooting for her in the upcoming season.  

Here here for the Starks- The Starks are the typical high school prized bulls and not in the same sense as the Lannisters. Think student council president, valedictorian and mascott (perhaps a wolf in this case). They're honor bound, dutiful, and believe in justice to highest extent. If you followed the first season you'd see that it was their naive sense of justice that delivered the house a major blow. But how could you not root for these guys? The Starks were the one of the few houses remained innocent in most of the prior season's drama. And with that being said I doubt that the House of Stark will sit idly by this season. When they say, "Winter Is Coming" it's not the cold they speak of, but the fierce family of the North. The sigil of the dire wolf speaks for itself. The Starks are just and kind but, one thing they are not are sheep.

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