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Tuesday, February 28, 2012Aaron Reese

So I mentioned last week that I took a much needed getaway to Las Vegas with my best friend. Now it's only fair that I highlight my looks for the trip considering that that's all I can highlight. Remember, the most important rule of Vegas; "What happens in Vegas stays there".  

Day drinking- My general rule of thumb for a day looks is simple, keep it light. Light in color, weight, and overall aesthetic of the outfit. Above you'll see me in my Rag&Bone  scarlet button down paired with my Topman blue stretch skinnys, and my accompanying Prada brogues and H&M knit tie. And let's not forget my darling YSL tote or Yve as I'd like to call her.  The look is rather easy. The pieces themselves do all of  the work. That pop of blue balanced out by the subtle scarlet is a great form of color blocking.  The fabrications are all lightweight (top and bottom pieces both being cotton blends), and travel appropriate. God knows I hate ironing.  Once you add in the classic Ralphnerd prep  you've got a full functioning stylish blend. Oh an while you're at it check out my little friend Angelica in the third picture. Do you notice where her grips the firmest?

Sin City- So on our big night out me and the accompanying bad ass partner in crime hit up Vegas's hottest night club on the strip, the club XS at the Wynn hotel. The previous outfit was called day drinking for a reason so again I opted for an effortless look for our night out. If you haven't learned by now I'm instantly won over by a sick bow tie and chambray button down, so the culmination of the two is instant gold for me. The devil's in the subtle details here. Like the suede paneling on the A.P.C. chambray and the leopard print Topman bow tie. For my choice of bottom I stuck with my signature Marc by Marc skinnys. After three years of roughing it these guys still get the job done. Topped off by my Prada brogues and Marc by Marc watch it was perfect for a night out. The A.P.C. top is slightly on the big side which is exactly what I wanted. It gave me the freedom to jam it out to the awesome live DJing of Steve Aoki.

The Hangover- My last day in Vegas was spent on my favorite half-time shopping. I was also headed for the airport  so I definitely went for a casual day look. The neon green T by Alexander Wang shirt paired with my cropped grey chinos from Topman was the perfect cure for my hangover. The neon serves it's purpose bringing life to what some would call a docile pairing. Of course my Prada brogues were my go to shoes. I wanted to show some effort. I topped it all off with my Urban Outfitter's beanie. So I think it's pretty evident that I didn't leave the Forum Shops empty handed. Gambling didn't take my money, shopping did.

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