Florence and The Machine Game of Thrones Season 2

Florence & The Game of Thrones?

Monday, March 05, 2012Aaron Reese

My current musical obsession is Florence & The Machine. With her lack of machine Florence has some how dominated my itunes library with her latest album "Ceremonials".  The album is chilling, epic, and in an odd way incredibly religious.  I'm not one for religion but I'd gladly partake in the Church of Florence Welch. One of my favorite songs on the album  "Seven Devils" was just featured in HBO's newest trailer for season 2 of Game of Thrones.  Now how could I resist doing a post? Game of Thrones AND Florence. It was meant to be!  Check out the daunting new trailer that's got me (and everyone else for that matter) in goosebumps. It definitely intensified the anticipation for the season two premiere. April 1rst couldn't get here fast enough. HBO did an amazing job on the song of choice. It makes the trailer hit home. I also posted some of my personal faves from the "Ceremonials" album.

                                        Florence performing "Spectrum" from the Ceremonials album.

                                   Florence performing "Only if for a Night" from the Ceremonials album.

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