Game of Thrones Kazaky

Madonna from House Lannister

Tuesday, March 27, 2012Aaron Reese

I know. I know. I'm sure one of you beloved readers would like to have me stoned for my untimely and abrupt absence. Yours truly has been sick for quite sometime and, while I'm still in recovery mode I decided to do a post to let you all know that I'm still alive, fever stricken and all. I've been on a fast of soup, Game of Thrones on Blue Ray, and last but certainly not least Madonna's new album MDNA. I'm not one for doing music centered posts, but every now and then there's an artist that plucks the hearts strings of this little nerd. Now I've always had an obsession for Leo mother Madonna. She's got the libido and bravado to pull of those raunchy singles of hers. My newest obsession on her MDNA album is the track "Girl Gone Wild".  accompanied  by the video below this song sums Madonna's nature up in a nutshell. "Get fired up like a smoking gun..." sings the 53 year old leo. I'm going to make a rather nerdy bet and say if she belonged to any house in the realm of Game of Thrones it would be the Lannisters. Blonde, deadly, and most of all powerful.

Sidenote: You may spot some familiar faces in  "Girl gone Wild" like gorgeous front model Sean O'pry (seen taking a bite out of an apple at one point) and international gay dance group Kazaky. There's no man on this planet that can perform in 6'inch pumps like they can.

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