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Tuesday, May 08, 2012Aaron Reese

Once upon a time, yours truly was the ultimate accessories fiend. Excessive ring wearing, chains/necklaces in layers and bracelets stacked to the elbow. Okay, perhaps I'm over exaggerating a tad, but you get the point. Accessories on a man should be a refined detail. Minimal, simple and clean. However, it seems that a recent trend presents itself to be the exception to the rule. Bracelets. David Yurman and Marni originated this trend with cohesive bracelet collections that could be worn in multiples and sets. While Yurman is a bit on the formal side Marni and countless others perfected the craft of casual bracelet stacking including Brazilian designer Luis Morais who recently debuted a Spring/Summer 2012 collection on Mr. Porter.

 The looks are chic and clean as bracelets for men should be. With fine materials such as ebony, black diamonds, gold, and sandalwood these beauties will be a guaranteed coveted summer accessory. The black skull one below is already sold out on Mr. Porter's online store. 
 The price point starts from $140.00 and ends at $2340.00 (The latter being the cerulean/gold number below.). I actually have my eyes on quite a few of these. They're easy, interchangeable and great investment pieces. Try one out for chance. The start of one may began the addiction of a fun summer trend!

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