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Ralphnerd Recommends: Styling your inner nerd

Thursday, May 10, 2012Aaron Reese

It appears that nerdome has infected the nation. Trending topics on twitter are Game of Thrones based, and with Marvel's the Avenger's shattering box office records last weekend it doesn't look like it'll be slowing down anytime soon. I've always embraced my inner nerd especially when it comes to nerd-themed apparel and accessories. Now I mentioned the Avenger's earlier and I don't know about you but I loved every second of that movie, so I went in search of awesome Avenger's product for the stylish nerd. Check out what I unearthed below. 

I'm always a sucker for a sweet iPhone case. Showing your allegiance on an iPhone case is perfect if you'd opt not to get an awesome comic tattoo like moi (Yes I have two X-Men tattoos.). These guys are sure to be a conversation piece, and an easy way to induct yourself into the chic nerd inner circle!

Captain America's shield available at
Vintage Iron Man comic book cover available at

Now if you want to make a bigger statement try your hand at a classic geek-chic graphic Tee!  The biggest conundrum with finding the perfect nerd-tastic piece is finding one that's more chic than geek. We're not going for Hot Topic here, but rather a fun trendy way to exploit that inner nerd. 

 I'm really loving the welovefine Tee below. Minimalistic, fun yet clean. 

Avenger's Revolution Tee available at

Tell me you're not in love with the Tokidoki Tee's below! These guys definitely pack a punch, but if you've got the bravado I say go for broke.

Ironclad Tee available at

Nick Fury Tee available at


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