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Summer Blockbuster Cover Stars June 2012

Thursday, May 17, 2012Aaron Reese

The Amazing Spiderman 07-03-12

Prometheus 06-08-12

When it comes to summer blockbuster's I can be pretty picky. Not all of them live up to the hype, deliver, or drive box office success the way you'd hope. However, with the Avenger's kicking box office ass reaching a crazy $1 billion worldwide, there seems to be hope this year with a few promising films following the Avengers.

 The web-slinger makes his return to the big screen in The Amazing Spiderman. While I may not be the biggest advocate for Peter Parker, I do love a good origin story and even better, a newly fit and toned Andrew Garfield playing our young webbed hero.

Andy cover's the 26th issue of V-Man making him their summer cover star. Check him out below in the spread titled, The Amazing Andrew Garfield. This issue is already amazing enough, but to top it all off our cover star gets to interview the first web-slinger, Toby Maguire (Nerd Alert!).
The Amazing Spiderman hits theaters July 03, 2012.

So maybe you're not the biggest comic book fan (despite how great Garfield looks in the shoot) perhaps  the Sci-Fi thriller Prometheus may peek your interest. Prequel to Ridley Scott's hit Sci-Fi movie series Alien, Prometheus is sure to be a box office hit. Michael Fassbender stars in Prometheus as a blonde (yes blonde) Android. Now if you've seen any of the Alien movies, you should know that the androids always have another agenda that may or may not endanger their surrounding crew members.  Prometheus his theaters June 08, 2012.

GQ celebrates Fassbender's recent success in the June 2012 issue with a seven page sex fueled spread(Perhaps channeling his character Brandon from the movie Shame).  If you haven't seen his performance in the film Shame, I highly recommend it. And if you're as big of a Fassbender fan as I am you just may enjoy his full frontal scenes in the Steve McQueen directed flick.

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