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Giorgio Armani fights for Gotham

Monday, July 23, 2012Aaron Reese

The Dark Knight Rises, Christopher Nolan's latest installment in the Batman trilogy was somewhat a box office success. The box office numbers may back up the film ($161.1 million to be exact), but the emotional connection that registers with audience is hanging on by a thread. Seeing The Dark Knight last night left me and my party with mixed feelings. Thrilled with Anne Hathaway's stellar performance as Gotham's feline cat burglar Selina Kyle, and perhaps disappointed with Batman's extended absence and Bane's mere presence. But on the brighter side of things (if such exists in Gotham) the movie overall was a solid B-.

There are several elements one could get excited about while watching Nolan's latest; the Michael Bay-esque explosions, the Gotham gritty fight sequences, an array of high tech super toys and of course seeing Alfred cry. But I personally loved the wardrobing. I find it no surprise that Gotham's upper echelons were dressed by the man of decadence himself, Giorgio Armani. Bruce Wayne's two button charcoal number below comes armed with the Giorgio Armani for Bruce Wayne custom label. Obviously there's no further explanation necessary as to why that suit is amazing. I can't think of a better designer than Giorgio who's more than equipped to take on Bruce's notorious playboy look.

The Italian designer didn't stop with Mr. Wayne. Gotham's very own socialite and master thief Selina Kyle get's outfitted in Armani's latest accessories, while Commissioner Gordon and John Blake are armed with Armani suiting and separates from his latest collections.

Giorgio did great overall, but this isn't the first movie franchise he's partnered with. Most recently he's worked with Tom Cruise and Jeremy Renner in the Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol film. Make sure you check out The Dark Knight Rises in theaters now.

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