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Summer Closet Memoirs

Thursday, July 05, 2012Aaron Reese

Hello lovers!

Your's truly has been quite productive lately. So what's new with The Ralpnerd you may ask? Well I'm currently interning for a local magazine who'll remain anonymous for the time being. In addition to being a dutiful intern I've been running in a hectic dizzy with work and just simply enjoying summer, my last summer in fact in the emerald city known as Chicago.

I figure the best way to to catch you up to speed is by giving you a simple closet memoir. These memoirs are outlined by various pieces that I've invested in during my absence. I'd like to think of these as bookmarks for the summer. Bookmarks that align themselves with the trends of the season of course. They already have some pretty stellar memories attached.

1. Jungle Cat- This Topman piece has to be one of my absolute faves for the summer. Whether I'm catching Magic Mike on opening night or hunting for a perfect evening elixir, this shirt is my one stop  shop.  It should be a no brainer as to why I love this one. LEOPARD PRINT!!!

2. Tough Skull-  Now I'll admit I've been behind on my accessories game lately, but you take these things one piece at a time. I snagged this little guy on the website of all places. You've gotta admit, he makes he one hell of a pairing with Marvin there ( my skull head tattoo). I find myself wearing my new found love all the time including to the midnight debut of The Amazing Spiderman where yours truly took a much needed nap (oops).

3. Loud Lobster-Another funky summer print that allows me to show off my amazing chicken legs? I'll take it!  I found these awesome shorts at J. Crew. My orange lovelies have been the perfect brunch companion, and with the heat rapidly on the rise here in Chicago it's good to have that easy wow factor option that does all the work for you. With a color so bold and a print so quirky they are the perfect summer statement piece.

4.Shading the Shade- If there's one essential for the summer it's classic shades. Considering that you'll be living 85% of your outdoor time in these, you may want to think long and hard about the type of shades you'll be wearing. Cole-Haan cat eye frames. Quirky, classic, me. They are perfect for catching a good breeze in Grant Park while catching up on your favorite comics.

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