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Menswear's Latest : Andrea Pompilio

Friday, August 17, 2012Aaron Reese

There's nothing more exciting than something new, especially when that something is an epic new menswear designer. It's a rarity when new menswear talent emerges, so one should celebrate by shopping the new coveted collection, no?

Andrea Pompilio donned Italy's "new golden boy" from last year's win of the "Who's on Next Awards" has been making quite the splash in the menswear world. One defining note that keeps his fan-base growing daily is that he is solely menswear focused, another anomaly in today's Italian designer market.

Pomopilio's background speaks for him, working for some of the industry's greatest including Calvin Klein, YSL and Prada. After cultivating his skill set with the industry's elite, he then went on to create his start-up menswear collection in 2010 for an autumn/winter 2011 release. Known for a fleshed out sportswear feel Pompillio  uses natural inspiration culimated with the grunge of street-wear to create a quirky stylish uniform for the not so everyday gent.  The symmetry of loud colors and exotic accessories (raccoon tails and cheetah hats to be exact) is genius catwalk flair. Check out some of the screen caps from his 2012 A/W collection below.

My obsession from this collection has to be the adorable chimp sweater below retailing for 225.00 at If any of you out there are classic movie geeks you may recognize the gentle primate below as Cheetah from the Tarzan movies who died earlier this year. The chimp is a nod to represent  the " real animal within". Again I find his design logic incredible. I'm looking forward to his future collections.

I'm always a sucker for the graphic print tees and sweaters so I'm pretty sure I'll be scheming on adding Cheetah to my collection.

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