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Nerd Protein: AvX (Avengers vs X-Men)

Friday, August 24, 2012Aaron Reese

This blog wouldn't be the Ralphnerd if there wasn't the occasional geek post, but that's been the issue as of late. I have been holding back on my readers, and my nerd/geek post are just, "the occasional" post. So I'd like to introduce my spanking new post series entitled, Nerd Protein! Every self respecting nerd, whether that be fashion-nerd, sci-fi nerd, comic book-geek or Harry Potter stan needs a source of protein to become that ultimate pretentious, savvy, stan, enthusiast that they are meant to be.  With that being said, my nerd ability is clear; comic-books. I've been reading these beauties since I was eight years old. There's a beauty about the symmetry of art and words (and I'm not talking Dr. Seuss here), culminated with fun, page ripping action sequences.

POW! BOOM! KA-PANG! I know some would say that this literary form is a bit primitive, and depending on the comic series you read it can be, but thats why I'm here to deliver you your Nerd Protein!

AvX- I am without a doubt one of the biggest comic book nerds out there, and while there are many superheroes from several comic houses, the best of the comic mythos stems from MARVEL comics. The cross over event (an event that encompasses all of the Marvel universe) of the season just so happens to be the highly anticipated Avengers vs. X-Men run. The Avenger's ( America's ultimate super powered crime busting squad) come to blows with the X-Men (ostracized misfit band of super powered mutants). Why you may ask? Well, the phoenix force ( a destructive regenerative eternal cosmic entity, and fire bird) is making her way back to earth, and lets just say the two teams don't see eye to eye on how to handle this predicament. In AvX you'll see your all time super hero faves go head to head, and what true comic book fan doesn't want a good, all out brawl between his/her favorite characters?

 I don't want to ruin the series for you potential new readers, but the phoenix force has had a severe impact on both teams. While former alliances diminish, you'll see new one's flourish; and while it may not be Marvel's best cross over event, it's sure to keep you wanting more while throwing you a curveball here and there! It's definitely a must read for the soft core fan who's love for the superhero mythos grows daily, and an absolute read for the comic gurus out there who want's to weigh in on the marvel/comic forums!


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  1. Love this post! I need my weekly dose of nerd protein...weekly lol

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  3. Your post it’s outstanding, I think Avengers movie much better than X-men movie series because I like him super heroes and avenger one and only movie represent more super heroes in one movie. X Men Logan Wolverine Jacket


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