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Nerd Protein: Eye of the STORM!

Sunday, September 09, 2012Aaron Reese

One could blog on and on about how amazing, dynamic, fun and free spirited comic books can be, so I shant. However, it is always nice to focus your nerdy energies into specified comics and characters. My favorite being Storm from the X-Men, I am forever feigning new and extensive content for Marvel's white haired mistress. Anyone that knows me, knows that my undying love for Storm is present not only in my tattoo on my right arm, but also my ridiculous cluster of Storm themed keepsakes.

If there's nothing else you gather from this post, it should be to fully immerse yourself in the history of your favorite characters. I am a firm believer that our faves whether it be comics book characters or TV personalities say everything about personas. So allow me to shed some light on the comic embodiment of yours truly, Storm.

Weather witch, wind rider, former Queen of Wakanda, co-leader and at times leader of the X-men, Storm has been one of the X-men's leading ladies since her debut in Giant Sized X-Men. The issue being one of X-Men's most prominent issues introduced a new international cast in 1975 giving the X-men roster some of its most beloved characters such as Wolverine, Gambit and Nightcrawler. Storm has been on the forefront of tolerance and equality in comics, being one of first successful African and female characters in her arena giving homage to strong predecessors such as Wonder Woman.

Her abilities allows her to manipulate weather and energy, fly, stimulate atmospheric pressures/conditions and act as an energy conduct via lightning. Her control over various elements allows her to harness the power of nature, hence her name namesake Storm.  Storm's abilities are an extension of her emotions. In short;you make her angry, you'll see lightning. Storm who's birth name is Ororo Munroe was orphaned at the young age of five and started her childhood on the streets of Cairo, Egypt as a master lock-pick/ thief. Her teenage years elevated to a stature of goddesshood as she was worshiped in the Kenyan plains, where the leader of the X-Men, professor X found her.

 Evolving as any good character should Storm has undergone a lost of powers resulting in her punk look above, several failed relationships including her most recent divorce to Black Panther the king of Wakanda (Marvel's fictional African nation), and sacrifices made for the sake of the X- team.  She is regal, strong willed, hot blooded, ambitious and the essence of a strong comic book archetype. Essentially a character I could never grow tired of, I find myself looking to her origins and her battles for inspirations. My latest inspiration being the 1985 trade back (a collection of a comic run in novel form) Life Death in which Ororo suffers a mid-life mutant crisis from the recent lost of her powers.

Storm has been in just about everything X-Men related. The movie franchises (no I did NOT care for Halle Berry's rendition), video games, and the famous and well celebrated 90's cartoon series are just a few platforms where we see our beloved weather witch. Check out some of my favorite fun Storm nuggets below, including my tattoo.  Here's to 35 + years of being a phenomenal X-Woman, goddess, and role model to all the kids/adults/nerds out there who have weathered storms of their own.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

And last but not least, my lovely tat!

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  1. So, any opinions on the Ultimate Comics version of Storm? It's definitely a more modern and humble take on Storm's personality.

    Also, I'd imagine you're digging Ultimate Colossus as well. He and Storm are closer than their 616 counterparts.


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