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Nerd Protein: Game of Thrones Kicks?!

Monday, October 22, 2012Aaron Reese

Being an old school dork, I am very much so a huge fan of converse. These iconic kicks have been around for decades and i can't deny how monumental these shoes were in my youth. So imagine the sheer joy on my face when my favorite Sci-Fi/ Cult magazine (Sci-Fi Now) tweeted about custom made Game of Thrones converse! Talk about pumped up kicks!

Elated would be putting it mildly, in terms of my initial and current thoughts on the shoes. The converse are available via Etsy seller Tannim's custom gear page . Tannim uses the Converse custom make feature on the converse website to create what I'd consider the best thing since comic book sleeves. The chucks are $115.00 for the custom make which includes seven of the Game of Thrones houses as well as a kick ass Dr. Who TARDIS pair.  The house sigils and colors are spot on and complimentary to the make of the converse shoe. It's the perfect way to pledge your house allegiance until season three premieres this spring! Check out the designs below.

 Now I'll let you guess which house I'm getting. Hint: Hear me roar is the house Mantra!

House Targaryn

House Baratheon

House Tully

House Lannister
House Stark

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