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Skyfall: Falling for Bond all over again

Sunday, November 11, 2012Aaron Reese

"The name is Bond. James Bond." Those words roll effortlessly off Daniel Craig's tongue as he sips a fanciful cocktail in a Shanghai hotel lobby.  Since I was a kid, I have always idolized Bond as a style icon. Perhaps one of the world's first debonair action stars, Bond has a solidified platform as the ultimate gentleman meeting expectations in the new Skyfall flick.

Skyfall takes us to Istanbul, Shanghai, Macau, Scotland and of course M16 Headquarters in London following classic Bond tradition. The film may be one of the few modern takes on Bond that gives multiple homages to the old school Bond. Take the stunning Aston Martin  D85 for instance that made it's original appearance in the third Bond film Goldfinger in 1964. We also see recurring fan faves Q, and Moneypenny in a modern take. And let's not forget my personal fav M, who plays a catalytic part in Bonds latest.

By far one one of the most stylish Bond films to date, Skyfall packs an arsenal of sharp looks and classic gadgets with the help of costume designer Jany Tamime. Known for her designs for the Harry Potter series Jany updates our man of mystery with bespoke suiting by Tom Ford, Billy Reid peacoats and espionage worthy Crokett & Jones shoes. Bond is notoriously suave. In fact, its part of the job description for James Bond.  So it shouldn't come as a surprise that flat front, belt-less slim pants are a staple in the Skyfall wardrobe.  And when it comes to fashion meet function, we find our answer in the Omega Planet Ocean 600 Skyfall edition watch that surprisingly does not make an appearance in this film as a weapon. One of my favorite things style wise, is the evolution of Bond's looks. 007 no longer dresses for a singular occasion, but for several. His looks vary from his remarkable blue tux in the Macau casino, to his denim and field jacket combo in the Scottish country side. It's something thats distinctly British. God Bless the Queen, or rather God Bless M. 

Also, can we take a moment address the scene where he effortlessly leaps into a moving train car and then casually adjust his cufflinks, while wounded by bullet?!  Phenomenal.

More intriguing however, were the looks that Jany gave to the fellow Skyfall cast. Take Ben Whisaw's character Q. Jany give's the iconic tinkerer a reboot, garbing him in pieces like the custom Dries Van Noten cardigan pictured below and a subtle but polished Maison Martin Margiela jacket. Jany spoke on Q's look saying,"They were modish, nerdy, expensive clothes that nobody else would recognize—except for another computer wizard like Q." As much as I am a sucker for a man in a suit, I fall harder for a chic nerd. 


And when there's a Bond, there's a villain. Javier Bordem and Jany worked together to create a rather timeless villian in Raoul Silva. One who is just as anal and as style conscious as Bond, but with additional flair. If the off-beat blonde hair  doesn't prove it, check the flamboyant printed Prada button up he's sporting below. Like the Cheschire cat of Bond world, he's stylish, sadistic, and a tad insane with a smile to match his devilish charm. Also, worth mentioning is Bordem's homoerotic interactions with Craig.  Let's just say that scene obviously takes precedence in my favorite Bond moments.

 Skyfall was by far one of the best Bond films out there. The exotic locations,  timeless gadgets and all of the designer duds seamlessly worked together to bring the classic bond to a modern scale. I definitely recommend seeing the film, but more importantly taking inspiration from the dynamic wardrobing. Every man's got a little Bond in him. Although I think I've got quite the soft spot for Q.  Check out Skyfall in theaters now! 

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