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Nerd Protein: The Five Basic Nerd-Groups

Tuesday, December 25, 2012Aaron Reese

Let me start of by saying that this X-Mas has been one of the most monumental in Ralphnerd history. Why, you may ask? Well, for starters I've probably received the best Storm memorabilia known to man  this Holiday season: but also, it's been an epic year for the nerd, and it deserves recognition and celebration.  Since this is a nerd protein post, it's imperative that I highlight the five basic nerd groups that every healthy growing nerd needs. Check em out below!

5. Collectibles- For the die-hard nerds only, collectibles are making quite the come back. One could dissect the types of various collectables out there, but that'd be a blog post of it's own. This year we've seen a lot of sculpted statues and figures, as well as collectible toys inspired by current cinema and TV.  Take note of one of my personal faves, Agent M's Union Jack bulldog from the 007's Skyfall film.
My Obsession- My punk Storm limited edition Bowen Statue (Best x-mas gift ever!)

4. Apparel-  If you're not the collector's edition nerd, no need to fret! If there's ever been a time to show your nerd-allegiance through clothing now is the time! Websites such as welovefine and superherostuff have been cranking out not only fantastic nerdy pieces, but stylish ones as well. I'm the biggest fan of a well executed graphic tee, and some of my personal faves this year are simple comic-book inspired designs.
My Obsession- My Toki-doki X-men snapback hat

3. Cinema- It's been an amazing year for the geek clan. With Joss Whedon's 'Avengers' pioneering the Superhero movie genre, summer 2012 started off with a bang.

 From the Judge Dredd remake, to the mildly bewildering 'Prometheus', 2012 has been filled with stellar titles. Even if some didn't live up to expectations (I'm looking at you 'Dark Knight Rises'), you can't deny box office numbers. Not to mention Peter Jackson's 'The Hobbit' caps the year off with it's Holiday release. Now if you haven't seen any of the following titles, we have nothing further to discuss.
My Obsession- The Avenger's hands down!

2. TV- If I can only count how many tweets and FB statuses I've had to evade from reactions to AMC's 'Walking Dead' I'd be vacaying on some European beach at the moment. While movies are usually the epicenter of nerdome, TV has conquered all this year.

 Game of Thrones leads with being the most pirated television series in history, and The Walking Dead has developed a cult obsession that matches that of Star Trek. BBC's Merlin just wrapped up it's fifth and final season, and I'm not sure if I am ready to accept that just yet. Of course I can't leave out Dr. Who, and practically half of the shows on BBC.  If you have yet to check out any of these series, now would be a great time. Sci-Fi/fantasy are in its prime.
My Obsession- Ok, I have to pick more than one! American Horror Story, Game of Thrones, and The Walking Dead.

1.Reads- Last but obviously not least, literature. This year has been an epic boom on the nerd sonar. Marvel's relaunch (Marvel NOW) has been quite successful, throwing us Marvelites some curve balls. The story lines I've read thus far have been impactful and dynamic. Captain America issue #1 is worth taking a look at.

DC's new 52 is still going strong, and admittedly I'm impressed with several of the story arcs. Wonder Woman and Justice League America seems to be the fan favorites.

The resurgence that George R. Martin's 'A Song of Ice and Fire' series is receiving is incredible. I myself am addicted to the books and the Game of Thrones series. It's never to late to dive into the series
 There's an infinite number of reads I can list here, but one publication that makes stellar recommendations and have influenced my reading list is British mag, Sci-Fi Now.
My Pick- Sean Howe's, Marvel Comics The Untold Story. It's so juicy!

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