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Get Ready for Dragons : Three Ways to Prep for the Season 3 Premiere of Game of Thrones

Tuesday, March 12, 2013Aaron Reese

The dragons are taking over! I know my fellow fanboys and gals have been feigning for more Game of Thrones season 3 content. We're nearing the home stretch and at the end of the month our beloved show with dragons debuts on 3/31/13, but what does one do till then? Well, here are three ways to satisfy your thirst for Westorosi drama.

3. Stalk your faves- Now, when I say stalk I'm not referencing hotel stake outs , but rather media stalking. Find that character of choice, and hone in on them like a heat seeking missile, minus the explosive aftermath. I'm a huge fan of Jaime Lannister played by Nickolaj Coster Waldou. Can you blame Cersei for getting it on with her twin?  Well, as luck would have it, Nickolaj is featured in this month's issue of GQ for a denim jacket feature. Check out the spread below.  You're welcome.

via GQ

Also, take a peek at Emilia Clarke as Holly Golightly in the new Breakfast at Tiffany's poster.  It's seems Danny just may get that Iron Throne after all. All hail Khaleesi!
via Eonline

2. Research- A great way to make the time pass by, research can be more essential than you think, especially in a world as vast as Westoros. Take the time to try getting into the book series if you haven't, and if you have this is a great time to refresh your memory for the upcoming season. A great guide to the world of Westeros (especially the books) is a Wiki of Ice and Fire, and makes for a great source for updates on the HBO series. I'm halfway through the fifth and most recent book, A Dance with Dragons, and it is oh soo good and filled with, dare I say it......DRAGONS!!!

Here's a little nugget I found from my research'; School of Thrones, a hilarious high school rendition of the HBO show. There's no fight for the Iron Throne here, but rather the crown for prom queen and king. Genius.

1. Geek the f**k out!- I could seriously watch the season 3 trailer over and over again, and listen to MS MR- Bones' (the song featured in the trailer) just as much. If you're like me you have a house you're devoted to (Lannister all the way!) and are quick to jump into a screaming match about the superiority of that house, show your love and devotion by grabbing some awesome fan gear. Red Bubble is perfect for witty fan apparel, and the HBO Game of Thrones store is essential for just about  everything else. I'd recommend the house shot glasses from the HBO store. And while you're at it, pick up Ommegang's "Iron Throne Ale". I'm pretty sure there isn't a nerdier beverage on the planet than this. Now that you're properly armed for the season 3 countdown, get ready for carnage, backstabbing, dragons and eye rolling gifs compliments of Cersei Lannister. Just 19 more days left folks.

via Complex Mag

The Redbubble's options are seriously endless. Good luck sticking to one choice on this site.

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