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Dane DeHaan: Prada Model and The Villain You Love to Love

Thursday, April 25, 2013Aaron Reese

Who doesn't love a good hollywood break out star? I sure as heck do, especially if their stylish, good looking and just a tad bit scary.  I've taken notice of Dane DeHaan for sometime. You may know him from his recent success in the Ryan Gosling hit, 'The Place Beyond The Pines', or the sci-fi thriller, 'Chronicle'.  Either way, Dane plays creepy good, really good.

So imagine my surprise when I flipped through my May issue of GQ (which is REALLY good fyi) and found the newest Spiderman Star co-star leading the Spring/Summer 2013 Prada campaign. Prada has a knack for spearheading print campaigns with quirky, and usual suspects, but the 27 year old isn't the only gent in the campaign. Aaron Taylor-Johnson and Benicio Del Torro also made the cut. Check out the rest of the print campaign below, and tell me that smile and bad ass attitude doesn't make you swoon.


Aside from Prada's S/S 2013 campaign, DeHaan was recently announced as the new Harry Osborn in the upcoming Amazing Spiderman sequel, following suit as a shady character/ potential bad ass. Need I say more? He may be type casting himself as a villain, but it works so well for him.  If you haven't already, check out his performances in 'The Place Beyond the Pines' and 'Chronicle'.

Also, can we discuss his trench below?  Dane makes me look forward to the sequel more than the  sequel itself. 

Via Superhero Hype

Via Superhero Hype

Here's a picture of Dane at the 'Place Beyond the Pines' premiere. Decked out in Prada head to toe, Dane's becoming one of my new Hollywood faves. He's a welcomed breath of fresh air to the industry, and brings boyish charm and personality to his looks. What do you guys think?

Via Getty's Images

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