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The Style Guide to Surviving Jurassic Park

Friday, April 05, 2013Aaron Reese

Jurassic Park, the titan of all sci-fi prehistoric flicks (I mean is there another?) makes it's 3D debut today in theaters;  and true to form yours truly will be prancing down the street like an 8 yr old kid to see all of my favorite on screen dinos while humming that epic ass theme song! This movie, perhaps being my all time fav, was the catalyst to my nerdtastic childhod. It was soon after, I found myself reading ZooBooks, Dinosaur Encyclopedias and researching the salary of the average paleontologist. Yea, I was that kid.

Well as fate would have it, I veered off into the realm of menswear and fashion. But the marriage of  sci-fi and menswear is nothing new. So now I pose the question, "What does one wear while being attacked by a T-Rex, or outwitted by a group of velociraptors?". Well fear not, Ralphnerd can handle your prehistoric conundrums. Check out my top 5 must haves for surviving Jurassic Park:

5.Prehistoric Navigation-. I As you may know, I'm a natural sucker for a good piece of arm candy.  This guy shows amazing functionality as well as some stylish flare. Suunto time pieces are known for incredible durability and complimentary GPS features. Direction is key on this island. It can make the difference between running into the triceratops paddock to being held up by a dilophosaurus on a rainy, mud-filled evening (I'm looking at you Dennis).

Suunto Ambit w/ GPS

4.Pack it up- I think a backpack is self explanatory. Although, I'd avoid hiding raptor eggs in it like idiot #3 from the third film.  They'll be great for supplies, food and hopefully some sort of weaponry. I've been obsessed with the Fjallraven packs for some time now, and you should be too. If the ones below are too mammoth like for you, try the Kanken, their signature backpack. The Swedish know everything, right?

3.Precious Cargo- You'll be just as clever as the raptors with additional pocket space and the genuine comfort that comes with these. GANT, J-Brand, J-Crew and Topman have awesome cargos at the moment. Obviously they're great for camouflage, and they'll more than likely dry faster than denim. "Hold on to your butts". The ride just may be a bit more epic than you'd think.

From left to right: J-Brand Trooper, Gant by Michael Bastian, J-Crew pre-washed cargos

2. Omnivore Footwear-  You'll need to cover ground and fast. Your boots should properly equip you for stampedes, random swamp diving, T-Rex poo and attempting to outrun a hoard of raptors. Good luck with that one. My current faves are by vintage company. Stylish, utilitarian and so worth every penny. The Brody seems to be the perfect rugged companion for your JP adventure.

1. Denim& Dinos-  Durable, classic and effortless,  chambray will make a great choice for those awesome JP themed Jeep Tours. Isn't that right, Dr. Alan? And they somehow manage to make dirt, grime and sweat look pretty bad ass. And don't doubt for a second that you'll be sweating, if it's not the damp jungle humidity it'll be the sweat filled runs the carnivores will give you. My brand of preference: Gap hands down! The last chambray button up I purchased from Gap was over four years ago, and it still holds its own.  Talk about prehistoric dominance.

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  1. Would you look at that? You can actually look good while trying to survive. Who knew?! Ha, ha. And one last thing: I want those boots in my life.


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