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Five Future Menswear Icons in Young Hollywood

Sunday, May 26, 2013Aaron Reese

There are many reasons we swoon over celebs. Some may drool over  the muscled bodies and handsome faces, (and lets be honest I too have these moments), but what really catches my eye are the clothes on these gents. I'm a sucker for a styish guy, and I'd have to say there are quite a few of them in the world of young Hollywood. And while these gents are stars on the rise (some newly cemented in stardom), it wont be long till their rocketed to full star potential. Check out my list of the five best dressed young hollywood males.

5. A$AP Rocky- I'll be real honest with you here, I wasn't a fan of him.at.all. But with time, and the occasional spread for GQ magazine I definitely opened up to the idea of him as a fashion icon. A$AP' is bold and quite creative when it comes to stylish pairings.  Sought after by Raf Simmons himself for the collab 1995 line, A$AP has catapulted himself into the world of menswear at a speed that not even Kanye has achieved. He's doing something in hip-hop and menswear, that's not too common. He's simply being himself. So Kudos! And if you haven't already, check out his song, Fashion Killa. It's brilliant.

Alias- Fresh Prince

The Look-  Luxury street wear, street goth, leather, prints, fitted hats, kilts, chains,waxed denim, graphic tees and the color black.

Influences- Pharrell Williams and Andre 3000

4. Harry Styles- Whether you like them or not, you must admit, One Direction has invaded the States by storm. Some would argue that Mr. Styles is the frontman of 1D, but we're not here to debate that. But he is by far the most stylish in the band. It hasn't always been smooth sailings for Harry (note the hair), but we're slowly starting to see him sitting front row at London fashion week, and stepping it up a notch on the red carpet. And after ditching worst accessory ever Taylor Swift, I'm sure you'll be seeing a lot more of Sir Styles.

Alias- Sir Styles

The Look-  Nostalgia, beanies, converse, graphic tee's, skinny jeans, blazers and bow ties.

Influences- George Lamb, Tinie Timpah, British Punk Scene

3. Austin Butler- Who?! Yea, that was my first reaction too. The Carrie Diaries star is a bit of a hidden gem in the world of menswear, and apparently girls have been swooning over him for quite some time. You can catch him on the arm of fellow Disney break out star Vanessa Hudgens (the two are practically inseparable) . It's been a while since I've admired someone's paparazzi shots, but the kid looks good; whether it's a beat up leather jacket or harem pants and a tank, he slays. Given the right opportunity, he could become one of Hollywood's most sought after gents.

Alias- The Bad Boy

The Look grunge, slim fit suits, skinny jeans, vintage graphic tees, oversized sweaters, Ray Bans, leather jackets, plaid button ups.

Brands of Choice- All Saints, Obey, Supreme, Levi's.

2. Eddie Redmayne- The Les Mes breakout star makes it a habit of owning the red carpet (Uh oh Gosling!), and we all know how hard that can be for a young gent in Hollywood. If its one thing Redmayne does, it's bring life to the traditional suit and tie. Every red carpet look is something vibrant, original and fitted. Fit is prominent in his look (check his look at this year's Met Gala), whether it's on or off the red carpet and I've not once been disappointed in any of the 30 yr old's stylings. This will be his third year in a row as the face of Burberry campaign alongside Cara Delevigne, not to mention he's graced the covers of W magazine and Esquire. Topping the best dressed list of just about every menswear mag, Eddie has certainly made a name for himself in young Hollywood. He's the ONLY reason I'll even consider watching Les Mes. Yeah, sorry Anne.

Alias- The Modern Man

The Look- Red carpet, vintage, tailored suits, leather jackets, selvage denim, skinny ties, chambray, leather jackets, wingtips.

Brands of Choice-  Topman, Dior Homme, Burberry, Reiss, All Saints, Alexander Wang, Belfstaff.

1. Jaden Smith- With arguably the most attractive parents one could have, Jaden practically comes from Hollywood royalty. The 14 year old has already built quite the rep for himself with his street-goth/skater  inspired style. He's already been invited front row to shows (along with with whip my hair songstress, little sis, Willow), has had several editorial spreads including his most recent spreads in Wonderland and Teen Vogue magazine, not to mention the unveiling of his own menswear line, MSFtS, an alternative skateboarding lifestyle brand. This kid is the epitome of cool, and a pretty solid actor and rapper. Check him out in his new dystopian summer blockbuster, After-Earth

Alias- The Cool Kid

The Look- Street goth, skater, luxury street wear, sweatshirts, harem pants, leather, prints, fitted caps, high tops, vans.

Influences- His Aunt, skateboarding scene

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