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Game of Thrones+ 90's Makeovers = The Best Pop Art In The Realm

Thursday, July 11, 2013Aaron Reese

Even if you're not a fan of HBOs fantasy drama Game of Thrones, you've definitely heard about it.  And if you have not, watch this infamous scene from season 3 and see what happens to non-believers! (JK! Maybe...) My personal biases aside, the show has made a powerful impact on pop culture. Dragons are cool again (they were always cool!), Arya is one of the fastest growing girl names ever, and the term back stabbing has been completely redefined by the series. Take that Scandal!

As any pop cultural phenomenon, fans go wild and make some pretty awesome things. Case in point: these pop art inspired drawings by French based artist, Mike Wrobel. Done in 80's and 90's archetypal form the series takes our favorite Westerosi characters and turn them into TV based, yet realistic personalities.

  The series has been out for some months now, but Wrobel just dropped some new characters on us including Chief of Police officer Tywin and hot dog holding Theon (his favorite toy). My personal faves? Thug Joffrey, Miami Vice Jaime, and Hipster Daenerys. Check out the rest below.


Check out some of Mike Wrobel's other cool pieces here.

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