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Introducing Feltraiger:The New American Classic

Monday, July 15, 2013Aaron Reese

  Donned "The New American Classic" Feltraiger (pronounced FEL-TRAY-GER) culminates a series of biker inspired gear and re-imagined American classics. After viewing the Spring/Summer 13 LookBook, I stopped by the shop and chatted with Jon Feldman, co-creator of the brand about the what it means to be made in the U.S.A, timeless classics  and of course superheroes.

 You guys consider yourselves "The New American Classic". What exactly  does that mean to you?
That whole classic American feel, the denim, the plaid pieces that you can see 30 years from now, and you'll still want to wear it. We try to take classic pieces like that and give them a little bit of a modern upgrade. We'll take a bomber and tailor, trim it out a bit and add some modern materials to it.

I know patterns are big in your S/S 13 Lookbook. Any tips on how the everyday guy should implement these into his wardrobe? 
 For someone else who's not so fashion forward a clean way would be to pair it with some black or khaki chinos with maybe a white shirt underneath it. We look at a lot of old movies for inspiration.

 Yeah, like Sandlot and Deuces Wild. Like groups of young kids. Stuff like that is what we used to have on our inspiration boards. Our original spread name was 'Sandlot Chic.

 What Feltraiger classic should ever guy own?
Hands down, our jean jacket. It's raw selvage. It's actually from Cone mills, so it's American denim. This is one of the pieces that 30 years later you'd still want to wear.

What was the inspiration for the S/S 13 Lookbook?
It's called Brooklyn Summer, and we wanted a classic American meets a vintage casual, over the top kind of feel.

You guys produce only in the U.S.A. How important is that to the story of Feltraiger?
It really is the backbone of the brand. We want to be able to make everything, but if we can't make it yet, we want to bring something in to the shop it strictly is American made. The three things we tell people when they come into the shop is: everything's limited numbers (30 pieces), it's all American made and everything has a story. We use a saying in the shop. "It's made in America cuz that's how America was made."

Who is your favorite superhero and how would you style him? You can pick more than one if you want
Wolverine's pretty rad. I get a lot of Wolverine just causeI have a fat beard. I'd dress him in classic American, like flannel shirts and vintage denim.

 Ralphnerd Feltraiger Must Haves



New staple obviously!

You can check out the Feldman brothers at their Flagship store located in the Lower East Side at 158 Allen St  New York, NY 10002. Check em out online at and tell me what's your faves are.


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