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Nerd Protein: Get Xcited!

Wednesday, July 31, 2013Aaron Reese

In this week's Nerd Protein it's all about the X-men! The X-Men Days of Future Past film started their viral campaign this week, and god does it get me amped for the upcoming X-flick. Check out Peter Dinklage as Bolivar Trask. He kinda creeps me out here, but that's the point, right? Personally, I like Tyrion better.

You know you love those handle bars.

Since when did we get Sentinels in NYC? Are they coming to take my powers away? Am I asking too many questions? Or is that my mutant power?! I kid I kid....I think.

I'm pretty sure Obama is for mutant equality. Idk who that impostor is.

Via Superherohype

Fox is sparing no expense with the Sentinels campaign. If you followed X-Men the animated seres or read the comics, you know how essential these machines are to the X story lines. It's about time we get too see these giants in action and with Tyrion (sorry Bolivar) leading the campaign, I'm beyond elated to see where this goes. The eerie 50 years of Human Progress ads are definitely painting a world both Xavier and Magneto feared would come to pass. Tell me you too aren't getting chills thinking about it. No? Fine I'll be an X-stan by myelf!

Via Cinemablend

And one more fun nugget! Bryan Singer just tweeted this pic of Mystique doing what she does best- kicking ass! 

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