The 10 Things You Missed At SDCC 13

Tuesday, July 23, 2013Aaron Reese

If you're like me, you probably locked yourself in your room this past weekend just to avoid your Facebook and Twitter feeds filled with all the wonders of this years San Diego Comic Con. While solitude may have helped you cope through this weekend of comic book updates and celebrity appearances, its time to renter the world and get the latest from the Comic Con. Here's the important bits you may or may not have missed out on.

1. X-Men Days of Future Past- We saw a new character reveal (the Mutant Bishop) and some all new posters and movie artwork. And last but not least an actual Sentinel (mutant hunting giant robots) head for display. Nerding the f*** out! 

Via Superherohype
Via Cinemablend

2. The Walking Dead Season 4 Trailer- Here we see Michonne on a horse, Daryl with a new look, and per usual, a crap ton of zombies creating all out chaos. Can. Not. Wait. 

3. Avengers 2- The newest title and premise for the Avengers sequel was revealed: Avengers 2: Age of Ultron. Not familiar with Ultron? Click the link, get familiar, then get excited.

Via Marvel

4. Hunger Games: Catching Fire- Finally the full theatrical trailer was revealed. Yeah, I squealed too.

5. Batman/Superman Movie- The Superman sequel was revealed to be a movie bridging together the Man of Steel and the Dark Knight titled Superman VS Batman. How original? Where the f*** is this Wonder Woman flick DC?!  

Ridiculous, right?

6. Supernatural Spinoff- In the upcoming 20th episode of the 9th season, Supernatural will reveal a new character (supposedly of Angelic descent) as an introduction to the new spin off.

7.The Amazing Spiderman 2- New Electro footage revealed. Can't say that I hate Jaime Foxx in the role as Electro. I'm looking forward to it, and Andrew Garfield. In that Spidy suit. 

8. Micheal Fassbender & Ian Mckellen/ James McAvoy & Patrick Stewart Photo Opp- I mean it's young Professor X and young Magneto , just chill'n with veteran Professor X and veteran Magneto. Mind. Blown.

Via Cinemablend
Via Entertainment Weekly

9.Loki Starts Some Trouble- No seriously. He's at it again! Telling the audience he's a god. We've hard all of this before. Where's the Hulk when you need him?

10. Godzilla Poster Reveal- Suck it Pacific Rim

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