Nerd Protein: Batfleck, A Chiseled Jon Snow and Nude Vikings On Fire!

Friday, August 23, 2013Aaron Reese

Highlighting The Best of This Week's Geek Culture News.

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1. Ben Affleck Announced As the NewBatman- As I'm sure you've already heard, it was announced that Ben Affleck would be the new Dark Knight in the upcoming Superman vs Batman film. Is it the 12 stages of grief where you start off in shock and denial and end with acceptance? Cuz that pretty much explains my twitter feed last night. My overall thoughts are as such: I think Ben will be great, but it's upsetting that Hollywood keeps pulling from the same acting pool for superheroes. You know the fan boys will never forgive him for Daredevil. Best of luck to Ben, and lets hope he becomes the Dark Knight we've been waiting for.

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2. Kit Harrington bares All In New Pompeii pic- Who knew Ned Stark's bastard was packing a 12 pack underneath those furs? I'm already anticipating gifs from this scene. Yes. Yes I am. You can check out the teaser for Pompeii below.

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3. Eric Northman In All His Flaming Glory-  SPOILER!!: The True Blood season finale aired this past Sunday, and a certain viking vamp showed us his um...twigs and berries. Too bad he was completely engulfed in flames when it happened. Poor guy. I wonder what book he was reading.



4. Elizabeth Olsen as The Scarlet Witch?- It's been confirmed that Elizabeth Olsen is in the final negotiations of taking the role for the Avengers 2 film. Apparently, if she's officially casted she'll be giving our favorite Maximoff a British accent. Could be interesting? What say you geek nation? Is Elizabeth the perfect fit for Wanda?

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5. Divergent Stills &Teaser Trailer- Divergent is the latest YA dystopian novel to jump to the big screen.  Set in Chicago, the citizens are split into five distinct factors based on personality. The protagonist, Tris Prior doesn't fit into any of these categories and is labeled a divergent. And from what I've gathered, divergents are a no beuno situation. Check out the teaser below.

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