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GCHS: Interview with Pop Artist, Mike Wrobel

Wednesday, September 25, 2013Aaron Reese

Geeks Can Have Style

For all of you Game of Thrones fans, you may or may not have encountered the awesome 90's inspired pop art paintings of the Game of Thrones characters by Tokyo based  French artist Mike Wrobel. Pop Art (which is an automatic swoon factor for me), fused with the characters of Westeros is just as ingenious as it sounds. I reached out to Mike, and he was kind enough to let me pick his brain for a quick Q&A. Check out the interview and more of his awesome art below.

The Lannister family 

1. What was your 80s/90s inspiration for the series? (Did you draw from TV or other 80s/90s media for inspiration)

I was a kid in the 80s, a teen in the 90s, so i grew up with stuff like Fresh Prince, Saved by the Bell, X-FIles, grunge music, the Super Nes....
With all these amazing references, i naturally developed my interest for pop culture. I am very nostalgic of this period.
For my 80/90s GoT series, I got my inspiration form all these childhood memories, tv shows, music bands, movies...

By far the most stylish zombie I've ever seen.

2.Which was your favorite character to draw? (You can pick up to three if one is too little.)  

I had a lot of fun drawing the White Walker, because this character was totally unexpected. I often asked my follower community what character would  they like me to draw. I've been asked to recreate practically all the characters, but nobody thought about the White Walkers.
It was really quirky to draw a zombie with a neon windbreaker and a popsicle.

The Stark Family

3. What house in Westeros are you rooting for?  (Team Lannister here!!)

I like Bron because he's helping Tyrion, so in a way the Lannisters, but he s more of mercenary, he's  not really on any particular side. I like that. If I must choose a house, then I would root for the Starks. They suffered a lot. It's time for payback! (aka Winter Is Coming!)

Theon Greyjoy and his favorite "toy."

4. If you could draw a team of superheroes, who would they be and why?  
I would chose Wolverine, Hulk and Hellboy. The level of testosterone would be pretty high. Would be funny to see 3 of the most beastly super heroes, team up and destroy half the city every time they re helping someone.
Margaery Tyrell

5. Quick!! What inspiration would you draw from on the characters Aquaman and Jean Grey of the X-Men?  (I know these are two very random characters but they're some of my faves) 

If I had to draw Aquaman, I would draw him having a beer with Patrick Duffy from the The Man From Atlantis series. haha. And Jean Grey, definitely something very, very sexy.

Game of Thrones art aside, here are some of my additional favorites from Wrobel.  

Childs Play!

The Force is strong here!

Erik Northman and The Count

Lafayette wearing a Blade tank.

It's Jesse B***h!

Heisenberg Blue

Of course I had to snag the Bran shirt from Mike's Society 6 shop.

Make sure you shop and follow Mike online: Tumblr | Twitter| Store 

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