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Nerd Protein: DC Denies Batwoman's Wedding, Robo Cop Returns and Aquaman Enters the Hunger Games

Friday, September 06, 2013Aaron Reese

Highlighting The Best of This Week's Geek Culture News.


1. DC Denies Batwoman's Wedding- J.H. Williams lll  and Haden Blackman, the creative team behind  the The New 52 Batwoman series have announced their split from the comic house due to creative differences. Williams and Blackman found themselves struggling for creative liberties, which included the on panel marriage for Kate Kane and Maggie Sawyer. While I'm sure there are plenty of reasons DC has for snuffing this out, none of them look good for the comic house. Get the full scoop here. How do we feel about this Geek Nation? I for one am definitely disappointed. There's a lack of strong lesbian couples in comics, so lets hope DC sorts this out.

via superherohype

2. Robo Cop Returns - Samuel L. Jackson, Michael Keaton, Jay Barushell and Joel Kinnaman team up for 2014's anticipated Robo Cop remake. I'm huge a fan of the original, but this movie has always been destined for a remake given the sci-fi futuristic setting. The gadgets and technology looks great, not to mention we have the Samuel L. Jackson on board. (Let's not forget Deep Blue Sea ladies and gents.) The trailer seriously gets you pumped. Get excited y'all!

"Dead or alive, you're coming with me." Ummm F*ck yes!!


3.Ian McKellen is Sherlock- Ian will play an aging Sherlock Holmes in the upcoming film, A Slight Trick of the Mind directed by Bill Condon.I doubt we need another Sherlock flick, but c'mon guys it's Gandolf/Magneto. I'd watch him perform Shakespeare in the park because he's that damn epic.

4. Carrie's Back- Chloe Grace Moretz and Julianne Moore star as onscreen mother and daughter in the remake of the iconic Stephen King story. Again, I'm not the biggest fan of reboots, but with a cast this spectacular I have no doubt that Chloe will prove why Carrie is one telekinetic bitch you don't wanna f*ck with. Check out the trailer below.



5.Aquaman Enters the Hunger Games- One by one the Catching Fire site has been adding all 24 victors to their web banner. This week revealed the highly anticipated Finnick Odair played by Sam Claflin. Known for his somewhat nude introduction in the book, I can't say I'm thrilled seeing him with a shirt. But, doesn't Finnick bear a striking resemblance to a certain King of Atlantis? Blonde locks, chiseled body, and a trident. Yup, it's Aquaman folks!

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  1. I saw the RoboCop trailer and it didn't make me vomit. I might actually check out the movie. I hope they pay homage to the original by adding bits from that tv show where the guys goes,"I'd buy that for a dollar"

    1. From what I've heard on the interwebs, it seems like there will be a couple of homages to the original.


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