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Nerd Protein: Happy 50th Birthday X-Men!!

Friday, September 13, 2013Aaron Reese

The world's favorite band of merry mutants turned 50 this week!  September 10th, 1963 marked the debut of Marvel's Avenger's and theX-Men comics compliments of Marvel's dynamic duo:Jack Kirby and Stan Lee. X-men was singled handedly responsible for my interest in comics. The 90's cartoon was the highlight of my Saturday mornings as a kid, that and my Danger Room bathroom reenactions. Don't ask.

X-Men has always been a story I treasured, crafted at the heart of the Civil Rights movement, it's taught the world acceptance and to celebrate individuality. In short if there were no X-Men, who knows  the type of person I'd be today.  I could give you a ton of backstory, enough to make your eyes fall out, but that's what Cerebro and Xcylopedias are for, right?  So to celebrate the diversity and the fun that X-men brings to the the comic panels, I've created a list of 20 pieces of nerd memorabilia that should appeal to every X-fan. Like the X-verse, there's something here for everyone.

Weather Witch realness in sculptural form.

Well hello there Kitty.

Jean's crazy eyes are priceless here, not to mention this is one of the most paramount stories in X-lore.

Join the resistance! 

Wearing a psychic ninja on your shirt makes you an official bad ass, right?

Hey Bub!

A classic tale that every X-fan should dive into!

How about adding some Xtra kick to your coffee? See what I did there?

Don't complain if you're experiencing technical difficulties. After all, he is the Master of Magnetism.

The cartoon that started it all. Peep Storm and Rogue's "civilian" outfits in the first episode. I suspect a Calvin Klein special.

The Ragin Cajun giving you bedroom eyes. That's not a bad thing, right?

Lookin good Warren. Apocalypse suits you well.

Michael Fassbender as Magneto? Jame Mcavoy as Xavier? Pop this baby in!

Better keep this one from teleporting.

Some appropriate foot action.

Totally worth getting Frost bite over,

Just like the classic Konami arcade game you used to play! 

You can make your very own Danger Room like I did!

I think she deserves some "shugah", what say you kids?

Don't act like you wouldn't be wheeling the Professor all over the place. "To me my X-Men!!"

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