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Lads Only: Hexed! Occult Inspired Menswear

Tuesday, October 08, 2013Aaron Reese

When it comes to menswear and style, my inspiration stems from just about anywhere. The occult has always been an obsession of mine, and with Hallows Eve just around the corner, it's only fitting that I curate a collection of pieces featuring the dark and mystical faces of menswear. Consider yourself spellbound.

Dior Homme Presents Mystic Arcana- The world of menswear has been on a rampage of sorts in terms of the graphic print trend. Homme has taken archaic-like symbols and implemented them into seamless classic Dior designs creating a menswear  version of The Craft. Note the European school boy looks here. Despite the gothic nature of the collection, it' does an excellent job of retaining its youth. Welcome to Hogwarts, gents. 

Anne Demeulemeester's Witch Hunt- Anne's A/W 2013 show takes more a literal turn to the dark side. The milby and wide brimmed hats accompanied with the oversized outer-layering pieces proves to have a dark and fun affect. While Dior pulls from a heavy European influence, this collection evokes 17th century colonial America. Who said witchcraft was for women only?  

Givenchy & The Black Cauldron - Riccardo Tisci is no stranger to the goth world, having pioneering menswear towards the graphic and the street goth trend. The all black, leather, haunting graphics and bad ass bravado on the runway creates a modern day Lost Boys appeal.  

Crafting The Look

Full moon+ this Tee= well, you already know.

White Magic is a serious matter, especially when the fit is this killer.

This is the skull worth talking to.

The perfect piece if you'd like to see more than just the future.

Riding broom not included.

8xs better than the usual "eye of newt"

The craft is strong here.

Remember, the birds are your friends.

See last caption.

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  1. Great post! Love your analysis on each collection.

    I'm especially partial to the Demeulemeester hats.


    1. Thanks Christine! I just checked out your blog, it seems you're not a stranger to occult styling :)


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