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Nerd Protein: 15 Nerdtastic Cosplays from New York Comic Con

Sunday, October 13, 2013Aaron Reese

Can you believe it was yours truly very first time at a big comic convention? *gasp" Blasphemies! I know, I know! I finally got to experience the magic of New York Comic Con and it was pretty spectacular. The positive energy and the camaraderie  of my fellow nerds-in-arms was practically tear jerking, and I am beyond grateful that I got a chance to experience it.

 One of the most fascinating aspects of the Con, are the awesome cosplayers! (for which I have a newfound respect for.)  The artistry, creativity and spirit that goes into single-handedly bringing a character to life is awe-worthy.So I present to you a list of some of my personal favorite Cosplayers at this year's New York Comic Con. (In no particular order.)

         1. Black Manta

He asked me if I knew where Aquaman was. I raised my hand.

               2. Emma Frost/White Queen

The White Queen in literal and rare form.

                                                          3. Gambit &Shadowcat 

Unfortunately Gambit didn't have any card tricks to show me, What a waste.

               4. Edward Scissorhands 

This child's parent deserves an awesome parenting award. How adorbs is this little guy?

                                           5. Airforce Hawkman &Hawkgirl  

I'd join the Airforce if the uniforms were this badass.

                            6. Princess Captain America & Princess Iron wo-Man

Where's princess Hulk? Did she get angry and rip her gown? Oh she did? Typical.

                                                                  7. The Redhood 

Lookin good Redhood!

                                                               8. Nightwing 

He wouldn't let me touch his escrima sticks. Rude.

                                                                   9. Heisenberg 

No Heisenberg! I'm on the road to recovery thank you!

                                                          10. Robin & Superboy 

I could use some saving, boys.

                                                              11. Weeping Angel 

I had to take a drive-by pick before she got me!

12. Darth DMC

The force is off the chain. Literally.

13. Rogue
I told her Gambit's been running around with Kitty Pryde. She told me, "It's on shuuugah!"

                                                                   14. Rita Repulsa  

It's Rita b*tch!

15. Quailman 

Hello Childhood :)


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