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Nerdy Attractions: 7 Geeks Worth Swooning Over

Friday, November 15, 2013Aaron Reese

As November is National Mustache Month, we find ourselves coming to the close of a very sexy, geeky year. It's no secret that Geeks are the next best thing since bearded men, and our pop cultural thirst for them has grown tremendously. So I've taken the liberty to curate a list of men that  can be found in some of our favorite geeky silver and big screen line ups. Think of them as an added bonus to watch what's already some of the best TV and cinema out there.

British GQ

1.Tom Hiddleston 

What he's known for: Being Marvel's resident big bad in Thor, Thor 2: The Darkworld and The Avengers. And that impeccable, devilish grin.

His Superpower: Making villainy attractive. After the release of the 2011 mega-hit super hero flick, Thor, Hiddleston and his mischief god character, Loki became sex symbols overnight. Everyone loves a bad boy, and there's something refreshingly different about him versus his blond, ambitious, on-screen brother Thor (aka Sir. Hemsworth). And that accent. *swoon*

He's the kinda guy you'd: go out with for a night of dancing and a quaint dinner in Manhattan's Upper East Side.  He's a super gentleman, speaks several languages and comes from the classic british theatre circuit, but lets be real here, he IS Loki. Expect to hear a naughty joke by the end of the night.

Flaunt Magazine

2. Colton Haynes

What he's known for: Being the ridiculously good looking bad boy next door in Arrow and the jock of your dreams in Teen Wolf.

His Superpower: Well he used to friggin model, so there's that! Haynes has played a lot of grey-area characters in his acting career. He's the  quintessential, "boy you love to hate." That's still a thing, right? Either way, Colton pulls it off effortlessly and in doing so has gained a massive swoon following. And if you haven't already, peep that jawline. 

He's the kinda guy you'd: take to the local taco truck and have an unexpected adventure with. Colton's a very down to earth guy (despite his douchey on-screen counterparts) that hails from Kansas and in interviews has expressed how silly he truly is. Kick back and have a beer with this one and watch all the gals (and boys) glare in jealousy.

3.Benedict Cumberbatch

What he's known for: Sherlock, playing the ultimate bad-ass Kahn in Star Trek: Into Darkness, and voicing the necromancing dragon Smaug in the latest Hobbit installment. 

His superpower: Cumby has a sharp tongue and is by far one of the wittiest actors in Hollywood. Pair that with the intense depth his voice carries, and you've got one swanky Brit ready to be swooned.  One could simply listen to him voicing Khan and Sherlock and get shivers.  His diction is flawless and his verbiage is magnetizing.

He's the kinda guy you'd: enjoy a nice nocturnal stroll over a cute craft coffee with. Cumby doesn't seem to be the Starbucks kind of guy, but what he lacks in mainstream popularity he makes up for with eccentricity and great banter. And what does one do after a midnight stroll with Bendict? Well I'm not implying that you're easy, but it's Cumby. It'll be our little secret.


4. Michael Fassbender

What he's known for: being the resident blonde assh*le in Prometheus,  the world's greatest metal-bender in X-Men: First Class and a feigning sex addict in Shame

His Superpower: Sex eyes. In EVERY movie Fassy appears in he gives us the sex eyes, and there's no complaints on this end. But aside from sex eyes and being the cinematic bad boy, Sir Fassbender portrays a level of conviction that is unparalleled in other Hollywood leading men.

He's the kinda the guy you'd: go bar-crawling and go-karting with. And I'm not talking the go-kart track at Six Flags, but the actual race car track go-karting. He's a thrill-seeker, so be prepared to have a wild, no holds-barred time. And if you play your cards, his tough exterior might just give a little. But don't get your hopes way up, some stallions aren't meant to be broken.

Blank Magazine

5. Steven Amell

What he's known for: Brining sexy back in CW's latest super-hero drama, Arrow. And massive biceps y'all.

His Superpower: Making scars hot again, as his on-screen portrayal of Oliver Queen is a pretty battered, but sexy rogue in a skin tight, green, leather get-up. That's a power right? The power of muscles bulging in leather. No? Well today it is.

He's the kinda guy you'd: get all mushy with while watching Friends with Benefits. There's nothing more attractive than a gent who is comfortable enough to not only have played gay characters in the past, but openly encourages them to hit on him. Now unfortunately, mister Amell is married with a kid, but we're gonna keep pretending he's not. Now, where were we? Oh, yes! And he's Canadian. Need I say more?


6. Norman Reedus

What he's known for: playing everyone's favorite crossbow wielding redneck in AMC's The Walking Dead, and being your mom's fave. Or maybe yours.

His Superpower: Norman's not everyone's cup of tea, but you'd have to admit, his on-screen performance as Daryl Dixon is pretty moving. Plus anyone with a crossbow wins at life. Period. And that beautifully, messy  hair

He's the kinda guy you'd: go adopt a kitten with. Believe it or not, Reedus is a softie with a big heart. But that doesn't stop him from throwing you over his shoulder and hoping on his bike for a morning ride. How could you not love him?


Nylon Magazine

7. Sam Claflin

What's he known for:  The highly anticipated on-screen portrayal of  the trident slashing, Finnick Odaire in the upcoming Hunger Games: Catching Fire movie. And that random but good looking prince in the Snow White &The Hunstman movie.

His Superpower: Well we're unsure yet, as Claflin is still pretty new, but surely he has some magical abilities - like maybe those piercing eyes, and the fact that he looks like a young version of Aquaman. Yea, we'll go with those. And one more thing, he's British. 

He's the kinda guy you'd: get wet with, like at a water-park. Get your head out the gutter kids! From his interviews, it seems like he's a lot of fun, and acts on his  childlike dispositions. So in short, he's the total hottie to have the water balloon fight of your dreams with. Did anyone say wet t-shirt contest?

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