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Lads Only: Into The Blue

Sunday, June 22, 2014Aaron Reese

I've been quite inspired by the color blue. Could be a nod to Kylie Minogue's single, or Jennifer Lawrence's performance as blue-skinned shape-shifter, Mystique. Or simply, I like blue. So I've gathered some of my hot items for the summer, in the coolest color of course.

1. Mr.Porter: Miansai Blue Woven Bracelet - Now I love arm candy as much as the next man, but finding arm-candy thats not capable of burning your arm after 20 mins in direct sunlight is definitely a gem. Miansai has a ton of wavy, cool pieces. So ditch the metal arm candy and throw this on for a change.

2. Ssense.com: Calvin Klein Collection Navy Trousers - The perfect way to avoid black in the wavering heat of a Manhattan summer day. Keep em cropped for a little breeze, and throw a graphic tee and some sneakers with it for a casual look. Remember kids, best part about being blue, is being cool.

3. MensUnderWearStore.com: Hugo Boss Mens Acava Trunks  - Hugo has always made a slimmer trunk, and as yours truly likes to show a tad bit of skin, this balances a perfect line of trim and slim without too much leg. Best feature? These guys have zippers!!

4. Solestruck: Romain Kremmer Sandals - Perhaps my biggest problem with summer footwear is the lack of imagination some people can have, but these Kremmer sandals are the perfect balance of color and utility a la The Burberry Gladiator sandal from the days of old.

5. JunkFoodTees: Knick Tee - To cement my citizenship in the big apple, I've been on a chase of the athletic sportsmanship kind. Now, lets be honest here, I'm no sports fan, but I love athletic inspired shirts, and one baring the Knicks (Or Bulls - still <3 appealing.="" at="" boys.="" but="" chi-town="" cup="" every="" graphic="" has="" have="" if="" it="" junkfood="" logo="" nbsp="" not="" of="" p="" s="" so="" sounds="" sun.="" super="" tea="" tee="" that="" the="" under="" you="" your="">

6. Topman: Acid Wash Backpack - Acid wash has its loud moments, so if you're a fan of the look but not sure how it fairs on you?-try it an accessory  like this backpack. Easy, lightweight and so summer appropriate that you'll be singing 'Summertime Sadness' once September nears.

7. Rayban: Round Flash Shades - Cool as cool can be, I really don't think an explanation is necessary here. Other than Iceman would wear these if he wore sunglasses.

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