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Teen Wolf Binging with Neutrogena Mens

Friday, June 20, 2014Aaron Reese

I'll be the first to admit, I'm no hygiene pro. Now that's not to say I'm a caveman (though my bedroom my tell a different story) but I've pretty much just used whatever tickled my fancy regarding grooming products. I'm either fiercely loyal (been using the same body wash since I was 16) or I'm a free spirit. So as I've been sorting my way through the men's hygiene product cycle, I've stumbled across Neutrogena. They're a household name right? I think that means I can trust em...mayhaps.

But aside from their pretty sturdy grooming regimen, Neutro (my nickname for them because we go waay back) has partnered up with soccer pro, Landon Donovan to present guys everywhere with a challenge: What can you do while using Neutrogena Mens products?  Well not all of us are fancy U.S. soccer pro's like Landon, but I'm always one for a challenge. Check out Landon get his juggle on below:


Well Neutro since you asked: What can The Ralphnerd do while using Neutrogena Men's. Well besides belting Florence + The Machine's Spectrum in my bathroom at the top of my lungs (please see ticketmaster for available seating), I'm one for not exerting much energy as Landon did above. And true to Ralphnerd form, I'm reading. Always. Whether it's a book - my current obsession Lev Grossman's The Magicians series, or comics, or binging on Teen Wolf episodes before the new season starts.Monday couldn't get here fast enough!


Sorry to burst Landon's bubble - but I'm kinda doing two things at once, while using Neutro's Triple Protect Face Lotion and their awesome Invigorating face wash. Now I know what you're thinking, why did YOU upload a video doing all this neat stuff. Well I reserve the right to....well whatever I'm camera shy ok...geez! I'm a big dork, so what I'm doing while using Neutrogena Men's isn't the most impressive, so I now I pass the torch to you. What can you gents do while using Neutrogena Men's? Cause if its reading and Teen Wolf binging, we'll be great friends. 

All giggles aside I've decided to be a tad more proactive on my face regimen, because 1.) it's the money-maker, and 2.) I'd like to age well. Checking out Neutro's #Respectyourface page was pretty helpful on keeping this skin in tip top Steve Rogers shape, so that I wake up like this every morning:

-The Ralphnerd

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