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5 Perfect Pieces For a Geek Chic Home

Tuesday, January 06, 2015Aaron Reese

2014 was a messy, cray cray kind of a year. But it wasn't without it's redeeming traits. Between attending a few fashion week partys (absolutely no fan-girling, whatsoever) and being reinvented as a new breed of  geek by my work with Geek Magazine, and Comic Con coverage, one could say despite all of it, I've flourished. Inspired by life, and all of it's pop-cultural confections, inspired by entertainment, and it's monolithic back-drop. And lastly, always, fashion, and it's ever-growing controversial, glamour sludge-fest. But alas 2015 is the new French man in our rolodexes (those are still a thing, no?), and 'Tis the time to be courted by an explosive and unforgettable year.

To help welcome such an amazing year, perhaps it's best to start with inspirations? While I'm all about the duds, home furnishings and trinkets have been my vice as of late, and what better way to kick off a wonderful year than to sync your central space full of geek/chic goodies?

1. Glamour with Thranduil - I'll admit, I'm no Martha Stewart when it comes to home, but I've got good taste, and my inspirations are the best. Take The Hobbit's rising star, the fine ass man-elf known as Thranduil. He's all glamour, all glitz and all sass. A perfect side-eye to the LOTR canon, Thranduil saunters in exquisite metallics, which of course made me think: How does one apply such splendor to the home? Nate Berkus has an amazing bridge collection with Target, filled with luxe, inexpensive finds. My personal fav? The Nate Berkus gold-dipped bird bowl, perfect for assorting those scattered accessories in one place. #ElfSwag


2. A Dark Phoenix Moment - I've got a couple of obsessions of (don't even get me started), but by great Neptune, do I love fire! (fireworks, fireplaces, firemen, etc) particularly candles. My newest candle-light obsession hails from Apothecary candles - the Thom Browne of the candle world, the candles are refined with unique scents: like one Tobacco & Patchouli number that smells just like my signature cologne, Spicebomb, because who doesn't want their room to smell like themselves?The scents are diverse and soothing enough to keep you from waging an intergalactic fire fueled war with your coworkers, roomies or whoever happens to be in the danger room that evening. 

3. Cat's Got Your Tongue -  If there was ever a DC spirit animal that yours truly swooned after, it's the delicious Selina Kyle. Brawns,brain and a meow worth killing for, Kitty's everything I wanted to be as a kid. And while the feline queen and books don't exactly go hand-in-hand (unless you want a meow-mix worthy aftermath of shredded pages and desolated book spines),  kitten bookends from Evan & Odd are a tad more tamed with the insatiable curiosity cats embody. But please, no excess purring.

4. Timey Wimey Lounging - I'm not one for literal decor pieces, but I couldn't pass this up for my Whovians. I'm a sucker for anything blue, especially if accompanies an attractive singular Doctor, who'd like me to be his companion. But since that's a long shot from now, cuddling up to Think Geek's T.A.R.D.I.S. Throw pillow will have to do, while adding a nice pop of color to the livingroom/ bedroom.

5. Jon Snow Knows the Time - Everyone's favorite bastard behind the wall could be a post on his own, but to spare you my endless swooning over his arsenal of fur pelts and pouty faces, I figure we'll stick to some wall decor. I don't know many people who are into good clockwork, but the ones that are tend to stick with pretty unique ornamentation. No need to get all Lannister fancy (though I'd love you, if you did.), but the below piece from Society6 keeps time in perspective rather stylishly, but who are we kidding here? It's the perfect excuse to stare at Snow and Ghost all day, and that's perfectly fine. You go Glen Coco!

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