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Age of Ultron: Fanboy Preparation

Monday, April 27, 2015Aaron Reese

The Age of Ultron is nigh, says the fanboy screaming his heart out - yours truly of course! While summer is nearing, so are the blockbuster monoliths along with it. I'm one for celebratory posts, and in honor of Marvel's latest, I've comprised a list of some of the best Age of Ultron merch you can get your hands on, thanks to the super-geek online store, Superherohype.


Black Widow - One of the more intriguing team members, she manages to hold her own in a super powered slug-fest, despite her lacking of said super human abilities. And she's just bad ass, so why not show some Widow pride on your shirt?

Hawkeye & Vision - Hawkeye in miniature form? Count me in! I'm in love with Funko POPs period, but the purple archer could make an awesome addition to that cluttered desk of yours - but I doubt he'll agree with you on what actually went down in Budapest.
I'm not sure what Vision does yet, but I'm sure it's kick-ass enough to warrant a mini Vision Funko POP - and also, he's just cute guys. I'm allowed to say that about a super-hero, right? Maybe?

Thor and Hulk are arguably the heavy hitters of the Avengers line-up - gamma rays and a magical hammer make for some pretty epic beat downs in the brawls to come. If you’re anything like me and need the perfect accessory to top off your Avenger’s themed look, a new Era baseball cap always works. The Thor cap is a bit muted, if the simplistic vibe is your thing. And if not, beast it out, with Hulks hunter green cap!

Be sure to visit more super powered apparel collectibles at!

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